About Us

BELFER 's objective is to live a glamorous life. When you wear BELFER, you feel powerful -like a strong lady who is the center of the universe. A brand for partying businesswomen who aren't frightened of color, with exceptional design, exquisite fabric, innovative methods of production, and revolutionary color. A brand that paints peace of mind in all hues of enchantment, enabling even the most realistic person to let her imagination run wild and think outside the room where the box is. The brand's purpose is to unify women regardless of religion, nationality, or gender rules - we are all part of the vibrant mosaic of existence. BELFER's females are women who assist one another in life and business; they make no compromises and pay attention to small details. BELFER sees how hard you worked all day to make your aspirations come true, and now that the moonlight is setting over the city and you're planning to go out with your loved ones, it's time to tell you to applaud yourself. BELFER will never fool the consumer, as in other commercial performances, since BELFER knows that fashion does not give you power. Still, it does signify the power that you already have. BELFER is not a company that will tell you that wearing its clothing could make you attractive. We know you're already a piece of art yourself, so why Wear not wear yourself? We have crafted the artistry you deserve to wear for you.